Your Child's Happiness Is Our 

No:1 Priority

School Age Childcare

School Age Childcare Daily Routine

Afternoon routine;

Junior and senior infants (Littlemajigs) arrive in Tots + Swots between 1.10 and 2.10. They play on the playframe. When there they wear Tots + Swots bibs and a team member supervises them.

By 3.15 the older children (1st Classmajigs and Thingamajigs) arrive in Tots + Swots and everyone has dinner with their own group;

At 3.45 It's supervised homework. We recommend that the children spend no more than 45mins on their homework, otherwise they can miss out on activities (most children finish in this time). The children are encouraged to do their written homework first. The completed homework will be ticked but needs to be checked and signed by parents as is recommended by schools. 

4.30 It’s activity time. The children are offered a choice of activities this includes Drama, Cookery, Computers, Disco, playframe, Dance, Free Play, Construction, Art, Hair and Beauty to name but a few. Our belief is that “A busy child is a happy child”

The  activities are reviewed each term in conjunction with the children. After the main activity of the day and depending on the weather children have Indoor or outdoor play time.

5.30 The children have a light snack followed by playframe