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For Fun, Health, Happiness

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About Us

Vision Statement

To be renowned for being the cleanest, safest and most fun Party & Childcare Centre in Ireland where our Customers, Team and most importantly our Children’s expectations are exceeded every day

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to support hard working parents/guardians, by providing a Service that not only exceeds their expectations, but their Children's too. All children will be cared for by our dedicated, highly trained and positive Team, who always put our children first for Fun, Health and Happiness. This will be supported by giving the children daily access to PJ’s Playcentre. The Happiness of each Child will always be our number one priority.

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Who We Are

Our Team

Most of our team have been with us from between 6 and 14 years!!!! We have grown the business together to make it what it is. We can honestly say that we work hard together to make it the best childcare service ever.